Rome - Eternal City

Barcelona - City of Dreams

Golden Prague

Vienna - Music and Aristocracy

Corfu - Pearl of Ionian Sea

Santorini - Magic and Romance

Skiathos - Pearl in Aegean Sea

Kefalonia - Ionian Paradise

Skopelos - Fairy Island

Dubrovnik - Pearl of Adriatic Sea

Lisbon - City of Explorers

Bali - Exotic Inspiration

Istanbul - Legend City

Zakynthos - the Island with Pearl Beaches

Mykonos - Island of Night Life

Seychelles - Exotic Luxury

Thassos - Green Island

Riviera Maya - Heaven Blue Sea and Golden Beaches

Maldivi - Paradise Island

Lefkada - Turqouise Island

Dominican Republic - Unforgettable Adventure

Ibiza - The Party Island

Dubai - Luxory and Perfection

Tailand and Secrets of the East

Egypt - a country of greatness and pharaons

Cuba - Latin rhythms and Caribbean beaches

Israel - secrets of sacred lands